Welcome to Thrivalaska!

Thrivalaska is a parent run, non-profit 501(c)(3) agency that began providing services to families in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1974.

Our core purpose is “Helping children and Families Thrive.” We are a learning organization for children and adults where children, families, and staff are valued. From birth through 12 years of age, children are given an opportunity to learn best through their senses, and “by doing”. Daily schedules are balanced with indoor and outdoor play, quiet and noisy activities, individual, small group and large group times, large muscle and small muscle development and both child and staff initiated learning opportunities. Individual attention, good nutrition and healthy habits are included in part of our daily routine.

Thrivalaska recognizes a responsibility to advocate for the needs and rights of families and encourages parents to become actively involved in supporting issues important to them. As a community based corporation we are actively involved in and contribute to the early childhood profession. Thrivalaska sub-contracts with the State of Alaska and thread to provide professional development and referral services for families and child care providers, advocating for children, families and staff by providing resources and training services to families, centers, and child care homes in Fairbanks, the Interior, and Northern Regions of Alaska.

Thrivalaska has an elected Board of Directors, which consists of parents from each program, and community members – all of which volunteer to govern the company and determine policies and fees.

Our current list of Board members:
Jim Sweeney– Community, Finance, & Employee Representative
Art Delaune– Community, Finance Representative, & Board President
Steve Bouta– Community Representative, Finance Committee Treasurer,  & Board Vice President
Annemarie Mattacchione- Community & Finance Representative
April Johnson– Community Representative
Samantha Burke-Head Start Policy Council Liaison
Earl Peterson– School Age Parent Representative
Regina Finstad- Head Start Parent Representative, Board of Directors Liaison to the Policy Council, & Board Secretary


We look forward to continue “Helping Children and Families THRIVE !” for many more years in our community!




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