Get involved

Thrivalaska is a parent run organization!
When parents generously share their talents and resources the children benefit tremendously.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Donate time to repair class materials
  • Volunteer to help with a class activity by cutting things out, making copies etc
  • Recycle with us!
  • Bring in educational materials related to themes of study
  • Share your culture, talents, skills, and hobbies; the children love it!
  • Talk with the teachers at least daily about your child
  • Sign up to help with parties, picnics, and special events
  • Volunteer to help on field trips or teacher training days
  • Volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Attend parent conferences and board meetings
  • Support advocacy efforts to improve child care
  • Participate in fundraising efforts, parties, picnics and special events
  • Read all paperwork sent home
  • Volunteer to sponsor an activity
  • Keep your child’s file current
  • Ask your child’s teacher if you can donate materials to the classroom
  • Promptly return all forms and questionnaires
  • Speak to the teacher or program Director about ideas or concerns

The more each parent contributes and becomes involved, the better Thrivalaska will be for all children.

Board Recruitment

Thrivalaska has a 15 member Board of Directors consisting of parents and community members who govern, determine policies, establish fees and ensure sustainability. We are looking for business leaders to join our Board team! Thrivalaska advocates for making significant investments in early childhood education. Investing in early childhood is an effective strategy for reducing social costs and promoting economic growth. Strong communities need working families and working families need child care.

What you will do as a Board member

  1. Oversee the mission and core purpose of Thrivalaska – Helping Children and Families Thrive
  2. Help strengthen families – the decision you make as a Board member will benefit children and families now and impact the future!
  3. Help sustain quality early childhood services in Fairbanks by advocating and promoting Thrivalaska with family, friends, legislators, business associates and community partners.
  4. Assist in formulating strategic plans and determining long and short term goals.
  5. Annual Board giving is required by foundations and other funders, to demonstrate commitment by each Board member to the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a Thrivalaska Board member please contact Alicia Berka, Executive Director, at 479-0900 x261.